The 11th annual Recent Progress in Graphene and Two-dimensional Materials Research Conference (RPGR2019) follows on the success of the first nine RPGR conferences held in Seoul (2009), Singapore (2010), Suwon (2011), Beijing (2012), Tokyo (2013), Taipei (2014), Australia (2015), Korea (2016), Singapore (2017) and Guilin (2018). RPGR is the premier conference focused on graphene and other novel two-dimensional materials in the Asia-Pacific region.

The RPGR conference series began with a focus on the properties and applications of graphene, the first two-dimensional material to be isolated experimentally. In recent years the family of atomically thin two-dimensional materials has expanded to include boron nitride, layered transition-metal dichalcogenides, layered oxides, silicene, black phosphorus, and many more. Recognizing the strong intellectual ties between graphene and other atomically thin materials, the focus of RPGR has expanded to include "graphene and other two-dimensional materials".

Goki Eda
(National University of Singapore, Singapore)
Wen-Hao Chang
(National Chiao Tung University, Taiwan)
Minn-Tsong Lin
(National Taiwan University, Taiwan)
Kosuke Nagashio
(University of Tokyo, Japan)
Riichiro Saito
(Tohoku University, Japan)
Ziliang Ye
(University of British Columbia, Canada)
Ning Wang
(Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Hong Kong)
Arindam Ghosh
(Indian Institute of Science, India)
Jun Sung Kim
(Postech, Korea)
Lin He
(Beijing Normal University, China)

 RPGR YOUNG SCIENTIST PRIZE (YSP) and PGR AIXTRON Prize PRIZE were awarded to four talented researchers.


 Finalized conference timetable and program were uploaded.


 Abstract submission (Poster) extended to June 15, 2019


 Abstract submission (Oral) closed!


 RPGR2019 announced in Matsue (Japan)